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 JC French

The Language Department is committed to the academic, social and personal development of the students, but also to help each student to achieve  their own potential, regardless of standard. French and Spanish are languages which are spoken world-wide.

French is optioned with Spanish in Junior cycle and again at senior level.

Junior Certificate French/Spanish

General communicative aims as per the Department of Education Syllabus:

(a) To enable pupils to cope with the normal classroom use of the target language;

(b) To equip pupils with a competence in the target language which would enable them to provide themselves with basic necessities and to engage in some degree of social interaction in a country/situation where only the target language was in use;

(c) To furnish pupils with linguistic skills which will make it possible for them to pursue at least some aspects of their general interests through the medium of the target language;

(d) Through (a), (b) and (c) and otherwise, to ensure that pupils’ competence in the target language is such as to be conducive to the fulfilment of the general educational aims specified above.

The Leaving Certificate.

General communicative aims as per the Department of Education Syllabus:

This syllabus aims to lead every pupil towards four basic outcomes as a result of the experience of modern language learning in the classroom:

(a) a communicative competence in the target language

(b) awareness about language and communication

(c) an understanding of how to go about learning a foreign language

(d) a level of cultural awareness

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