Reminder to Blood Donors in the Cooley Peninsula Area

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service Mobile Unit will be located in

Bush Post Primary School, Cooley Peninsula.

Monday 24th June, 2019

From 5:00pm to 8:30pm

Please Note New Venue & Day This Visit


New and lapsed donors always needed.

If you are fit and healthy, aged 18 to 65 (between 65 and 70 years if you have donated in the last 10 years), over 7st.12 lbs (50kg) and have not donated in the last 90 days, please make a special effort to come along.

Help ensure that essential blood supplies are always available.

Remember YOU can make a difference.

For further details, please contact our lo-call Donor Information Line 1850 73 11 37

or Finbar Gethins, Area Organiser at our Ardee Regional Office, 041 685 9994 or


giveBlood June19

TY Gaisce Award

During the last week of the school term our Transition Year students completed their Gaisce award. To achieve such an award these students had to complete 13 weeks volunteering in the community, 13 weeks developing a personal skill and 13 weeks doing physical exercise. On top of that, they complete a 25km hike over the Wicklow mountains. All students received a certificate from the President of Ireland, a medal and a pin for their school jumper.

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Lourdes Trip

In May 2019 a number of Senior 1 , T.Y. and a second year student took part in the  Armagh Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes. This year there were  10 students from Bush School who attended the pilgrimage to help those that are less able and in need of care.

The students of Bush  helped  to push wheelchairs for assisted pilgrims and built a positive rapport with all pilgrims.  They also helped with the liturgies and other practical matters of the pilgrimage programme such as: event planning, carrying banners and equipment.  

The students fundraised the money for their trip  themselves by holding cake sales and having an Easter egg hunt.

Everyone involved found it to be a very worthwhile experience.



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Green Schools – Green Flag ceremony

On Thursday May 23rd. The green schools committee went to the City North hotel in Drogheda to receive their flag for their water theme.  Water is the third theme of the Green Schools programme. The   Water theme looks at developing awareness around water conservation and how to effectively manage this important resource in our schools and at home. The Green schools Committee have worked very hard on this theme and were highly commended. Well done to all involved.

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Bush Trad Orchestra

The recently formed Bush Trad Orchestra in conjunction with Music Generation gave their first performance to a full house at the Carling Heritage Centre on Sunday 5th May under the tutelage of Zoe Conway. The group consisted of 20 students across all year groups playing an array of acoustic instruments and are currently preparing for their next appearance.